What do you get when you put four successful ladies on a panel; each with their own distinctive style and personality? Pure magic. TEGNA certainly hit the jackpot with this goldmine, Sister Circle TV, broadcasting daily on TV One. The four ladies, handpicked by creator Helen Swenson, includes Syleena Johnson, Rashan Ali, Kiana Dancie and Quad Webb-Lunceford, unapologetic-ally talk all things trendy, lifestyle and entertainment.

Don’t compare Sister Circle to any other daytime talk show, for it stands alone in its own lane. A panel of minority women from different walks of life; sports media, reality television, comedy and music, a once neglected demographic has found it’s mirror. A long-overdue reflection of those who look like them, addressing issues that affect them and their community.

HERSource caught up with the ladies as the ladies got candid about friendship, regrets, advice to women, how they balance booming careers and families in a super fun group interview.

Check it out!


HERSource caught up with each lady individually, where you can check out their separate interviews:

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Check out “Sister Circle” on TV One. The show also airs on select stations around the US (check local listings!)

Special thanks to Ellen Booth, Helen Swenson, Deborah Raptis, Tristan Trenkle! 


Videography credit: Juan Anthony Images