Nicki Minaj has been taking over since the release of highly anticipated album Queen, so of course, her CRWN interview on Tidal was not going to be an exception.

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On Tuesday (Aug 14), Nicki graced the stage in NYC for a one on one sit down with legendary journalist Elliott Wilson for his long-running CRWN series. Drenched in Burberry, Nicki stepped on stage to an onslaught of Barbz before discussing everything from her collaborations, upcoming tour, feud with Remy Ma and how she feels the industry treats real artists.


In regards to changes to the current version of Queen, Minaj revealed that she plans on making a few changes to “Chun Swae” and why “Sorry” didn’t make the cut.

“Am I gonna get your blessings, y’all, to update the verses on ‘Chun Swae,’” Minaj said. “Also I am thinking of how to add “Sorry” because we really like that record. We didn’t know Tracy Chapman wrote that song because that’s a vintage dancehall song.”

When asked about her feud with fellow emcee Remy Ma, Minaj clarified that she “didn’t engage in rap beef,” before throwing a little shade Remy’s way.

“Everyone told me not to respond, everyone did,” Nicki said. “Even Drake came up to me and was like ‘don’t say anything, because no one is going to remember that shit.’ The thing is when you are on top, everyone wants to come at you and use your name for shine and fame; then they get the spotlight and it’s like now what? They don’t have anything prepared, they didn’t have a plan or a marketing strategy so at the end of the day it was wasted time because you got nothing to show for it.”

Nicki also addressed her rumored beef with Bronx rapper Cardi B, revealing that the two cleared up the miscommunication over the “Motorsport” single and vowed at the Met Gala that they would no longer feed into the drama.

“I don’t hold grudges. I actually talked to Cardi at the Met Gala and we promised each other that we weren’t going to feed into the bullshit anymore. I told her that they were going to try to pit us against one another, so after our talk, I saw an interview that she did and I called her and told that I liked how she handled that. But the last time I saw her or really had a full conversation with her was at the Met Gala.”

Nicki also gave her thoughts on why she feels there is an agenda to knock her off her spot and why real artists have a hard time staying in the game.

“When I was growing up I would put on the radio and hear talented people. When you guys put on the radio now you hear popular people,” Nicki said. “Let me tell you something having a big push from a label do not make you great. If you don’t think that there are people out there trying to knock me off and get me out of here, you’re crazy. You can just look and tell but I got one thing to say to them, you can’t get rid of me bitch I ain’t going nowhere.”

Although no names were mentioned, it seems Cardi B felt the shade and took to Instagram Live to address the “popular” comment.

“Let me tell you something, I am sick and tired of people always throwing conspiracy theories and I have been seeing it for months under my Instagram posts everytime my records and records that I am in becoming successful, people want to come up with an excuse on why it’s successful. Bro let me tell you something, every time my records are successful they want to blame my label for it or come up with an excuse but the truth is I work my ass off.  When “Bodak Yellow” blew up I was doing six shows a night, I didn’t even get to spend time with my man and I got family members mad at me because they say I have changed because I am always at work.”

Cardi also revealed that her work ethic was strenuous during her pregnancy.

“I worked up until the day I was due,” Cardi said teary-eyed. “Like I worked my entire pregnancy, there are five songs right now that I can’t even use that I recorded right before I gave birth because my nose was so stopped up. I passed out at the Rolling Stone shoot, was throwing up every day, so no this isn’t my label or being popular this is hard work. I’m not one for name dropping but when you got Diddy, Missy Elliott, Will Smith supporting you because they fuck with you, you can’t buy that. They fingernails are worth more than my life and they fuck with me.”

Check out the CRWN interview on Tidal.