Adults may be the ones who buy albums but we all know the kids determine who’s hot. With that being said, kids love Cardi B. One fan who is a teacher, shares the love of Cardi with her students.

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When you consider the fact that a picture of 5-year-old Cardi not only made meme history but took us all back to a time when we were all just kids speaking with a filter, you can understand why Ms. Newby’s hall passes are guaranteed to make any school administrator laugh.

In fact, the internet is already getting a good laugh because the hall passes have gone viral. Each pass plays on the already viral expression “my mama said…”


Given the mildly sarcastic tone, these would’ve been perfect to have back in our schooling days.”Ms. Newby said I can go to the library,” reads one, “Ms. Newby said I can go to the restroom,” reads another.

BuzzFeed spoke to the Pine Bluff English and Creative Writing teacher. Interested in knowing what inspired the hilarious hall passes.

“My students love Cardi B, and so do I, by the way. Hall passes are just a small piece to creating the culture of my classroom. I became a teacher because I realized how important it is to have ‘good’ teachers,” she told them.

We also commend Ms. Newby for finding new ways to create a classroom culture that still reflects the culture happening outside the classroom.

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