The Internet was on fire yesterday with the whole debacle between Nicki Minaj, DJ Self, and Safaree. But somehow Tyga and the entire Love and Hip Hop: New York cast got involved in the mix.

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It all started when Nicki Minaj sat down with funk flex for a 90-minute long interview and she didn’t hold back. When the topic of ghostwriting came about, the Queens native began to drag Safaree who once publicly claimed that he wrote for the Queen of Rap, but later backpedaled. Not only did Nicki re-iterate that she pens all her rhymes, she spilled the tea that her then-boyfriend and now reality star was cheating on her with prostitutes and stealing her credit cards.

Things turned up a notch when the beef continued to Twitter and Chun-Li revealed that she dropped a whopping $10K for him to undergo hair transplant surgery. “I should’ve never paid for that gyatDamn hairline!!!!” she tweeted. “It fell back out cuz God don’t like ugly!!!! You used me but God had other plans!!!!!”


The flood of tweets continued on as she revealed Safaree had his procedure done by Tyga’s surgeon. “Tyga shit ain’t fall back out!!!! Y’all went to the same doctor!!! Yours fell out cuz GOD DONT LIKE UGLY!!!!!!” she wrote.