The reclusive British graffiti artist BANKSY has said in social media post he was not involved in a major exhibition of his works currently on display in Moscow.

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The artist wrote it on Wednesday in his Instagram account, uploading a screenshot in which he corresponds with a fan, who tells him about the exhibition.

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Looking at the photo showing the building of Moscow’s Central House of Artists with a banner announcing the solo BANKSY exhibition, the elusive artist wrote, “You’re funny. What the hell is that?” The involved fan wrote it was an exhibition of his artworks in Moscow, with an equivalent of 20 British Pounds charged.

“You know, its got nothing to do with me right? I don’t charge people to see my art unless there’s a fairground wheel,” he wrote, referring to his black-and-white mural with people queuing up at a ticket booth underneath a Ferris wheel.

The organizers of the exhibition in Moscow have confirmed that the artist indeed has nothing to do with it. In comments under Banksy’s post, they explained that the artist sells his authorized prints to collectors without forbidding displaying them in galleries and these artworks are featured at the exhibition.

The exhibition of the famous street artist is on between June 2 and September 2. It features about 100 exhibits, among them street objects, rare prints, photos as well as single copy works.