DJ Muggs recently dropped Soul Assassins: Dia del Asesinato, his first solo collection since 2013, and the album’s standout track is “Assassination Day” featuring MF Doom and Kool G Rap. Muggs released the visuals for the record on Friday and it portrays Kanye West getting gunned down.

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The highly contrasting visual opens to the tune of a dismal guitar circle, with the shooter loading his rifle into a “Leon’s Cleaning Service” van and heading to his post. En route, he watches police abusing a cuffed Black man and protestors holding up a sign that reads, “Slavery Was A Choice” before, at last, pulling the trigger at a presidential crusade rally. Yeezy takes a shot to the head, meanwhile, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are seen cracking up on the television screens.

Lyrics clear the pipes like Drano/Witness pure hate like spit goin’ over Raimo/A good response would be to wave ‘hi’ like Maino/Or it could be whatever dog—Bingo was his name-o,” Doom raps.


Aside from the Kanye cameo, Muggs tapped New York legends and upstarts alike for his most recent full-length including, Raekwon, Mayhem Lauren, Mach-Hommy, Hus Kingpin, Eto and Freddie Gibbs appear alongside Doom and Kool G.

You can watch Muggs’ “Assassination Day” video below.

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