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Somebody go get the money machine for Kobe Bryant. While fans and Ice Cube are trying their best to get the Black Mamba to lace up his Nikes again, the Laker legend is somewhere thumbing through a check. ESPN reports his $6 million investment in the Body Armor sports drink is now worth $200 million.

Kobe made the investment just under four and a half years ago, which yielded him 10% of the company. Coca-Cola purchased a minority stake in the sports drink and the 10% of the company ballooned to $200 million in value. Kobe is now the fourth-largest investor in the brand. When Kobe first signed on the company was at $10 million in sales, the jump in sales will register Body Armor at $400 million for 2018.

As a part of their endorsement deals, athletes received equity in Body Armor. James Harden and Andrew luck are among those who are stated to have $1 million stakes in the company.