Yelawolf has been with Shady Records for quite a while but his time with the house that Slim Shady built is coming to a close. While on stage in Colorado, Yelawolf shared his forthcoming album will be the last on Eminem’s imprint.

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Trunk Muzik 3 is my last album on Shady Records,” Yelawolf said from the stage. “Five fuckin’ albums on Shady Records. I feel blessed for that. Make some noise for Marshall Mathers!”

The details of his moving on seem to show a positive end to their relationship, a fact that many artists aren’t able to say once they move on from a label situation.


The tenure for Yelawolf began in 2011 when both he and supergroup Slaughterhouse joined the label. He is currently on his Trunk Muzik 3 tour with dates running to the top of September.