Ice-T is not here for the conservative journalist, Katie Hopkins’ shenanigans. He made that clear in a series of tweets on Thursday. After Hopkins said in a meeting that Idris Elba couldn’t play James Bond since he’s Black, Ice-T shot a straightforward reaction summing up his sentiments about her announcement.

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“This b—h sounds stupid…,” the rapper-turned-grandfather wrote in a tweet that his since garnered more than 12,000 retweets. As his followers responded in the comments, one person wrote that Hopkins is a “putrid fuckmaggot.” Ice quoted that tweet and wrote, “Well… Now THAT’S a creative use of words.”

Katie Hopkins clearly found out about Ice’s tweet, as she retweeted it expressing gratitude toward him for tuning in to her interview while son-ing him by using his birth name, Tracy Lauren Marrow, and stating, “Ice T my a–.”


“Lol the Ho replied! Eat a dick,” Ice said in response. Ice-T is no stranger to beef, but this is definitely one of his more entertaining ones.

Hopkins’ remarks about Idris Elba came in the wake of bits of gossip that he’s slated to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond in the franchise’s future movies. Hopkins evidently disagreed with that, saying that he couldn’t fill the role since it was written for a white actor.

“No Idris Elba, you cannot be James Bond. You will not be 007, no matter how many tweets you put out saying ‘I’m Elba, Idris Elba.’ It’s not because you’re a gentleman of color. It’s because James Bond isn’t. He’s written as an upper-class, arrogant white,” she said.

“Must we perpetually crowbar-in gender and color in where it doesn’t fit?” she added later on.

To play devil’s advocate, Ice-T didn’t say she was wrong for the way she felt. He just dragged her for it. (Kanye shrugs)

Check out his tweets below: