Zaire Wade, son of NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade, is quite the basketball player. Recent videos have shown the young hooper to have the skill and he has become one of the must-see players across the country. The University of Nebraska Cornhuskers have taken notice and extended an offer to him this morning (Aug 21.)

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Sports Illustrated states that while Zaire has yet to make the top 100 rankings for his class of players, he is on the radar of multiples schools. Nebraska was the first school to offer Wade an offer, however, he did make a visit to Michigan State at some point this year. D-Wade’s alma mater, Marquette has also looked at his son, along with Florida State and Toledo.

Zaire is just 16 so his college career is still a little while away. What school would you pick if you were Wade?


Blessed to receive an offer from the University of Nebraska??

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