Lil Jon is a veteran in the industry, so when it comes to great stories we know he has a lot of them.

On Tuesday (Aug 21), fans will get to see one of his most hilarious stories in puppet form on Fuse TV’s “The Hollywood Puppet Show”. The story featured tells about how Lil’ Jon was driving down the street while in Los Angeles one day and almost hit a fan.

“I was driving down the street, minding my own business and blam! I almost hit someone,” Lil Jon recalled. “He wasn’t just anyone he was a super fan. He was walking in the middle of the street and after I almost hit him he instantly recognized me.”

The hilarious encounter doesn’t stop there, Lil’ Jon goes on to recall after the fan revealed a special tribute he did for the King of Crunk in the form of a tattoo, that the superfan then went on to take a barrage of selfies before Lil Jon honored the moment by giving him a gift.

“It’s funny because he was acting like me almost running him over was a planned outing. It was touching, but it was also creepy [laughs]. but because he was such a great fan I did something I never do and that was give him my hat, my favorite hat at that.”

In other Lil’ Jon news, the “Alive” artist has teamed up with cold brew coffee company SToK to introduce the SToK Hype Experience.

The coffee-nated SToK experience starts at where you can check out Lil Jon’s exclusive hype-music video. And it’s about to get personal. That’s right, this customizable experience allows you to insert your own name and activities – curating your own personal hype-music video, whether you’re going to work or to #werrrk.

“I’ve gotten people hyped my whole career,” said Lil Jon said in a statement. “It’s cool to be partnering with a brand that wants to motivate and energize folks…especially in such an epic way!”

“At SToK, we never take ourselves too seriously,” said Lindsey Morgan, Director of Marketing for SToK said in a statement. “We craft cold brew coffee that’s not only deliciously smooth, but also inspires motivation to pump up the day. Lil Jon is the perfect partner for us to bring the hype!”

Get your own personalized hype-music video experience at and check out the clip from “The Hollywood Puppet Show” below and check out the full episode Tuesday, August 21, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT on Fuse.