With all of the shocking videos of police getting overly aggressive with citizens, particularly Black people, it’s surprising to say that this incident in Westland, Michigan provides further proof that there an element within police departments across the country that believe they were given licenses to perpetrate violence against anyone they see fit.

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Ray Brown was tasered after he confronted officers who showed up at his house accusing them of a domestic disturbance. Police claim that they came to the house because a man allegedly assaulted a woman and damaged her car.

We were just barbecuing, and we saw the cops come up,” said one eyewitness and neighbor who recorded the footage. “They came up and asked us who was fighting. We were like, ‘You got the wrong house.’”


The police statement says, Westland Police Officers made contact with the man involved in the incident. It was determined that the man was going to be arrested for the assault, the damaged property and also for a number of outstanding arrest warrants.”

The police are now denying that Brown was tasered with the baby in his hands, even though it’s on video.

The “investigation” is ongoing.