The most anticipated return to battle took place on the weekend, with New York’s Murda Mook returning to his home crowd stage versus St. Louis’ Aye Verb. Mook, widely considered as the GOAT or certainly top tier by most, has battled the likes of Loaded Lux, Jae Mills, Party Arty (RIP), Serius Jones and Iron Solomon amongst many others – but not too many bouts in recent years. Aye Verb himself has met nearly everyone in his generation from Hitman Holla, T-Rex, Goodz plus dozens more.

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Mook certainly lived up to the lofty expectations that were set for him, although most were pleasantly surprised that Verb delivered arguably the performance of his career (ala his now classic third round vs. Hitman). The result of the battle has caused much debate, with most giving Round 1 to Verb while debating the following two rounds intensely – especially Round 3 which had Mook’s long, 20 minute plus round.


Champion was divided. Jayblac giving it to Verb as he predicted beforehand, while Tech9 giving it to Mook while acknowledging Verb did better than he expected. Highly respected battle rap commentators Angry Fan, Vada Fly, Battle Truth 1UF and Minnesota Luke all gave it to Verb, as has Arsonal, Hitman Holla, and Tsu Surf. The Rap Grid poll of over 8,000 votes also gave it to Verb 81% to Mook’s 19%.

With such a good battle, the question really is now what is next? Verb vs. Lux? Mook vs. Tsu Surf finally? Or Mook against an industry rapper coming in (Lloyd Banks?). Despite the hiccup with Daylyt, RBE and ARP most definitely proved they can deliver a top-tier battle and overall card – so support that PPV now.