MANi$H considers music his safe haven, as it’s been that way his entire life. Though he didn’t come from a musically- inclined family, he always had a strong appreciation for music. Once he decided to make a serious quest in achieving his musical dreams, he realized there was much more to it than making music. When he began to transform his thoughts into music, that’s how MANi$H was born.

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When it comes to the artist’s creative process, it all comes down to his initial concepts. MANi$H comes up with the most intricate and unique songs, which boast a 90’s hip-hop meets RnB flow. “I talk about real life situations in my songs. I never really glorify the party life because my fans want to relate to real life scenarios,” said the artist. You can compare his sound to Ice Cube or Busta Rhymes, fused with serious West coast flair.

All things considered, the biggest part of the rapper’s artistry is how authentic he is. People can feel the realness in his delivery right off the bat. His goal is to change the dynamic of the music industry, and through each lyric he’s one step closer to accomplishing that. Music has always had a special place in his heart, and with the way things are going, MANi$H will go far in whatever he puts his mind to.


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