In 2010, Michael was the first posthumous album released by the late great Michael Jackson through Epic Records and Sony Music. Upon initial listen, Michael Jackson’s family admitted that they really did not believe the vocals on the album actually came from Michael himself.

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According to Michael’s brother, Randy, he stated, “I immediately said it wasn’t his voice” after Teddy Riley played him some of the tracks from the album. A fan by the name of Vera Serova also felt there was something strange about Michael’s posthumous album and accused the Cascio family of creating and selling fake Michael Jackson songs and took it upon herself to file a class action lawsuit against Jackson’s longtime friend Eddie Cascio.

Cascio stood by his word claiming the tracks were recorded by Michael Jackson in Cascio’s New Jersey home back in 2007. But more recently, Sony Music finally admitted that three songs from the Michael album were, in fact, performed by an impersonator. Stay tuned for the continuance of this case and the consequences that will be put into place from such actions on behalf of Cascio and Sony Music.