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Justice has been somewhat served for two young Black Sacred Heart University students, but it didn’t come without a little insult to injury.

On Thursday (Aug 23), Nikki Yovino was sentenced to one year after pleading guilty to falsely accusing two men of rape, but her demeanor was anything but remorseful.  During the sentencing, Yovino is seen rolling her eyes several times as one of the victims, Malik St. Hilaire stepped forward to read a victim impact statement to the courtroom about how her heinous crime ruined their lives, resulting in the two athletes being expelled from school.

“I went from being a college student to sitting at home being expelled with no way to clear my name,” St. Hilaire said. “I just hope she knows what she has done to me, my life will never be the same. I did nothing wrong, but everything has been altered because of this.”


It was at this time that Law & Crime reports that Yovino smirked and appeared to roll her eyes repeatedly and groaned in annoyance as St. Hilaire addressed the room.  Her attorney has since denied these accounts saying that it had been a “difficult day for Nikki and her family.”

Frank Riccio III, the attorney representing both football players, read a statement from the second man, who has chosen not to be publicly identified. The man said he lost his football scholarship because of Yovino’s allegations and now suffers from depression and anxiety.

“She accused me of what I believe to be a horrendous, horrific crime out of her own selfish concerns,” the unidentified student’s statement read, according to The Hour.

“I lost my scholarship, my dream of continuing to play football and now I am in debt $30,000 and I’m simply trying to get ahead as best as I can.”

Judge William Holden said he hoped Yovino would spend her jail time contemplating her actions. Prosecutor Tatiana Messina said Yovino’s crimes were a ‘disservice’ to true sexual assault victims, who often are not believed.