T.I. has always shown pride in his family and it’s easy to notice he wants the best for his children. With this in mind, we doubt the King of the South will appreciate the way one of his heirs is behaving in school.

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Taking a page out of Takashi 6ix9ine’s playbook, we find his son King enjoying a good time on Instagram live. Young King makes a point to show off a hand full of gold rings, complete with a gold chain. The chain isn’t big as some of Tip’s past pieces but one can tell the chain has some weight to it.

All the while, A curly haired seems more interested in stuntin’ like his daddy than paying attention in school. In addition to his hand and neck is accented with gold, he also rocks a Gucci monogram fanny-pack.


A minute and 25 seconds into the video, he lets his viewers know he’s been in the studio “making fire” but insist he hasn’t dropped anything yet. Looking dipped and dapper we’re pretty sure mom and dad would want him to sit closer to the front of the class.

One viewer suggests he should focus on school first, then music but King seems to have things figured out because he says there’s nothing to do at school, adding, “I’m not doing nothing in this class.”

His commitment to academics is clear as the class ends and he asks a fellow student to hold a paper down for him. Around the four-minute mark, King is feeling his drip. “You see it, you see they say the gon’ snatch my chain right?”

Here is where the gloating intensifies,  “I’m about to go to the crowd[est] place ever, and I want y’all to see if my chain is off my neck.

Eight minutes in, we have watched King gloat about walking through school untouched and he asks a friend to tell live he had his chain on all day.

Earlier in the video, we learn mom and dad are preventing King from releasing music. Based on his behavior we can understand why.