With reality show regular DJ Self and web series star/comedian Majah Hype on your team, is losing even an option? Red Bull reggae sensation Kranium thinks not.

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As a matter of fact, the Frequent Flyers crew pulled off an upsetting victory against hometown favorite Zaytoven and his Zaytown Global crew in the Red Bull’s 2018 Culture Clash this weekend in Atlanta.

This year’s crews included Zaytoven with Zaytown Global, Mija & Kenny Beats with Don’t Think, Kranium with Frequent Flyers, and Fuego with Fireboy Sound.


While sitting in the Atlanta’s Clermont Lounge with his seven-year-old daughter Harmony, the “Nobody Has To Know’ crooner knew the importance of getting the ‘W’ this year, since the dancehall scene is based in the “sound clash” culture and no matter the industry, everybody loves a winner.

“Clashing is all about being ahead of them,” the 27-year-old entertainer says. “This whole this is going in there and…it’s war. Once it’s on, it’s on after we talk about what we talk about.’ Kranium also admits that he was very careful when choosing his crew. “I go by aggressiveness and people I know that’s sharp and very quick. They’re all trash talkers.”

Sitting to Kranium’s right is comic and Money And Violence star, who knows his role in “Team Kranium” and asserts that comedy is necessary to win over the capacity crowd expected at 787 Windsor Street. His funnyman persona kept the crowd’s attention while Kranium, DJ Polish, Noah and Power 105 DJ Self each brought their own flavor that was more than enough to bring the trophy back to NYC. “Being an authentic Caribbean person, that’s what we wanted here. No Luke Cage business going on here, so we linked up and made it happen. We just unstoppable. And we’re from New York. That’s it.” He adds, “This whole Red Bull thing. There’s so many entities to it. Like with DJ Self of Power 105…”

Self swiftly, but jokingly interjects, saying that “they just need one token Yankee..” as everyone added on their laughter.

The most visible of the Rotten Apple-based squad is Love And Hip Hop New York reality star DJ Self. While he jokes about a friend’s R. Kelly-like sexual experience, His mere appearance on the corner stage with the Jamaican flag backdrop sent the fans from the five boroughs into a frenzy. He explains how the Voltron concept is what brought the Frequent Flyers clan the victory in one of the most eclectic music events of 2018. “I think Kranium wanted to form a Voltron, so he just got great elements from all around the city and put us all together and I think that’s where I fit. I would call myself the right leg.”

Culture Clash is more than a competition. it is a fusion of urban cultural genres of music, that serves each fan’s unique audible palette. The Red Bull Music powered sound clash is unprecedented in its concept, only to be rivaled by large music festivals such as Afro Punk sans the competitive aspect.

Several of ATL’s most legendary rappers and personalities stopped by throughout the night, including Pastor Troy, Derez Deshon, Gorilla Zoe, Trillville, TJ Kravitz, Mavado and Archie Eversole.