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After 2018, love her or hate her, it is impossible to deny the success of Cardi B. Aside from releasing her debut album which has now reached platinum status, she is now a cultural phenomenon. The world paused for the birth of baby Kulture. Her own childhood pictures became viral memes and even school hall passes.

Invasion of Privacy has made a historic run on the Billboard charts. Earlier this month, we informed you Ms. Bardi became the first and only artist to have three records sell over 500,000 units in pure sales. Something not even Drake and Nicki Minaj has accomplished this year. Since then that number has risen to six.

At least six singles from the album have gone double platinum or better. Meanwhile, at least 10 songs have gone gold. Bardi built a comfy seat to sit on at the top of the Billboard charts.


In light of this, Invasion of Privacy has sat atop the Billboard charts for 20 consecutive weeks. Thus making it the longest running female rap album to spend consecutive weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 charts.

If you ask for the opinion of Funk Master Flex, he may tell you success can be bought for the right price. However “Bartier Cardi” will tell to take his opinion with a grain of salt because he’s mad she switched management.

Furthermore, she has gone on record to answer those opinions. “People call me a flop when it don’t do good but when [it] is good, its payola or [its] a f****** excuse. GTFO!” she stated.

Some fans may have grown tired of the Cardi/ Minaj comparisons but considering they are the newest women on the front lines of Hip Hop, we hold these queens at equal value.

Still, we want to ask Flex’s opinion on her latest Billboard achievement, “was that a label and payola too?”

Congrats Cardi, but we want to know what you and Kulture were doing on set with DJ Snake, Ozuna and Selena?