Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out Live is fire and fun, but the show is not good for your health. It’s just not. With an ensemble of top notch entertainers (gifted rappers, comedians, influencers), if you’re not careful you’ll leave the tour with a busted gut from laughing your ass off. See… that can’t be good for you.

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Cannon’s new tour, Wild’ N Out Live, is a 25-date tour that kicked off in Minneapolis, MN on August 16th. Hitting major cities like Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Toronto and concluding in Oakland on October 6th, it features comedians Rip Micheals, Hitman Holla, Conceited, Justina Valentine, Iamzoie, Charlie Clips, Emmanuel Hudson, DC Young Fly, Chico Bean and DJ D-Wreck, and musical guests from Rick Ross and Fabolous to BlocBoy JB (with the lineout subject to change each show). Over the weekend, The Source was able to catch up with the Brooklyn date for a night of side-splitting humor.

To jump the show off, the tone was set by a dj set, DJ True and Nick’s personal dj, DJ D-Wreck. This was going to be a night drenched in rap culture. Blasting and mixing all of the hottest joints out, it was clear that they did their research on what was going to pop in the building. Of course, The Notorious B.I.G.’s music was on heavy rotation. By the time, Nick stepped on the stage— electricity filled the air. Brooklyn was ready for Nick and his crew. As he introduced the cast, the crowd erupted louder and louder. If you have been under a rock (or at least not checking for MTV2), the cast probably are unknown to you. But the fans knew them… clocking the majority of the performers from a plethora of new media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Vine and SnapChat.  Millennials popped out their cellies to record this band of new wave Kings and Queens of Hip-Hop Comedy, and Gen X’s marveled at the phenom of masterfully weaving rap and jokes together that unfolded before their eyes. All in attendance raised their voices— as if in a full our rap concert— anxious for the show to start.


Once the show started, Nick mentioned that he normally needs to play the “Pick Up and Kill It” game to get the crowd popping, but this night at the Barclay, he did not need to. The audience was lit. Earlier in the night, special guest Desiigner rocked the house performing three of his top songs (at one point even jumping into the crowd). Pulling classic games from the show, and mixing it in with stand-up sets (this night Emmanuel Hudson, DC Young Fly, and Rip Micheals were up) proved to be a winning strategy. Incorporating live mini-rap performances from artists was simply genius. Brooklyn son, Desiigner opened the show with the usual high energy associated with his performances. At one point, he jumped into the crowd and they received him with the same energy. Towards the end, YN Lucci made a guest appearance but was quickly overshadowed by Fabolous’s set. Like a warm trip down memory lane, Fab reminded us for about 20 minutes why we love the Crown Heights native. Hit after hit, the place was rocking as he teased the fans with joints (some of which you forgot that he did). From “Superwoman” with Lil Mo, “Into You” with Tamia or the mega hit “Breathe,” no one could deny that The Barclay Center is his home.

Fans of the show were in full-appreciation overload as they basked in the love that Nick, The cast and his guests showered them in.

From him shouting out very specific neighborhoods in Brooklyn like Brownsville and East New York, to acknowledging the nuances of New York’s West Indian and Latino community, the production and writing of the show was smartly inclusive. One of the most hilarious jokes of the night was on a white guy in the front, whose face kept appearing on the mega-tron to punctuate jokes about race— the crack up is that he had no idea he was on camera. Between that and the auntie getting her wig snatched off during the “Family Reunion” skit, people were in stitches. Again, this show just ain’t good for your health. He has something really special with this franchise.

The 2018 Wild ‘N Out Live Tour is one that is worth seeing, but you have to make sure you go with someone. It’s so funny it might just crack you all the way up.

Cannon in is on his way to putting on the whole costume of Black excellence by stepping into the shoes of Will Smith (as an artist turned Hollywood mogul), wearing the coat of Berry Gordy (as a cross-cultural producer of Black content for mass consumption) and snatching the hat of Russell Simmons (as a visionary curator of talent), with an estimated $50 million net worth. His entertainment career expands over film, television, music, live theater and on-line in the following capacity as a comedian, hot, actor, writer, director, executive producer, deejay, philanthropist and children’s book author.

SOURCE360 and Wild ‘N Out presented a ticket give away to go see this show and the winner is Brianna Caldwell from Sacramento, California! She will receive a pair of tickets and VIP passes to a Wild ‘N Out Live show in the city of her choice. Congrats and we hope you enjoy the show.