The Carters’ On The Run II tour has currently brought in $150 million in revenue but will cost the University of South Carolina as they will need to replace 90,000 square feet of new grass.

The Associated Press reports the university field maintenance team will go to work at the Williams-Brice Stadium today (Aug 27) to lay new grass. The school is replacing Bermuda grass that died, even after a protective cover was placed down for the stage and show needs.

“We would not have done this if we believed there was a safety issue,” said Clark Cox, University of South Carolina assistant athletic director. “My job and our entire ground staff’s job, our No. 1 priority in everything we do, is safety and welfare of our student-athletes.”

The new turf will cost upwards of $200,000 and is expected to be covered by concert promoters.

The South Carolina Gamecocks will open their football season on September 1 when they take on Coastal Carolina.