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Vic Mensa and his SaveMoneySaveLife Foundation teamed with Chicago community members to give away thousands of sneakers in the Englewood neighborhood in an “Anti-Bait Truck” event ahead of students going back to school and assisting those who are in need of new sneakers.

Recently, reports and stories from Chicago detail bait trucks from Norfolk Southern Railroad and the Chicago Police being left very loosely secured in low income and resource communities in efforts to arrest citizens who were tempted to grab a pair of shoes. In response, Vic organized a giveaway that provided thousands of pairs of sneakers to Chicagoans in the area.


Sneakers given to the community ranged from Jordans to Yeezys and carried sizes for everyone from toddlers to Adults. Numerous athletes and musicians donated through Vic’s foundation in efforts to support the community.

The “Anti-Bait Truck” was positioned in the same location as the original bait truck. Following the outrage that came from the original truck, Northfolk Southern apologized for participation and stated it would no longer take part in the method. The charges filed against three people who broke into the original bait truck were dropped.