Cardi B portraying the late Coretta Scott King will probably be the most hilarious, inappropriate thing you see today.

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The then-Instagram sensation stepped in as the role of Martin Luther King Jr.’s late wife for a skit called the “Real Housewives of the Civil Rights Movement.” She spilled the tea on Rosa Parks and the wives of Malcolm X and Jesse Jackson. There’s also a hilarious insertion of Iggy Azealea towards the end of the clip below.

There a multiple references to MLK’s infamous infidelities, and the trip to Memphis which led to his assassination.


The clip came from Wild ‘N Out star, Rip Michael’s new show Off The Rip. There’s no telling how new this show is because from the looks of it was clearly taped before Bardi got a bag and fixed her teeth.

The skit is definitely not taking home any NAACP Image Awards, but it was hilarious to see the Bronx native back in her natural element.