In case you missed the last episode of Starz Network’s Power, DNA, K-Shine, and Castle dropped a collaborative freestyle that will fill you in on what has been going down in the “big rich town.”

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First off (Spoiler Alert), we extend our sympathies to 50 Cent considering Kanan won’t be returning for episode nine. Police pulled him over after receiving a missing person report. With him, they find Tariq in the passenger seat and before they approach Kanan makes it clear he’d rather die on the streets than to live in a cage.

One officer leads Riq away, another attempts to cuff Kanan. He plays nice, but swiftly gets his hands on the officer’s strap, and bullets start raining. Taking a few steaming slugs to the chest is nothing to 50 in reality so of course, Kanan remains the active shooter. One officer down, he hops in a police cruiser and speeds away but he succumbs to his wounds and we watch K live out his final day.


However, Starz should invite DNA, Shine, and Castle to the funeral because they possess the ability to be voices for the dead. Thanks to them we learn what was going through Kanan, Ghost and Tommy’s heads.

DNA is Ghost, Castle is Tommy, Shine is the deceased Kanan. Ghost had Tommy waiting, but K is tired of all the side conversations. “About to turn Tariq to a man, fill his pockets.” Willing to teach Riq how to “Plug Walk” through school making profits. No need to pay back the real plug, its all consignment.

Still, he knows Riq’s a “rat” and says he should’ve shot him. Now, cops asking questions and although he had prior knowledge he still believe “this bastard squealed.” Yet Kanan’s “not running.”

Vowing to blast the shells, keep in mind he clipped his own son. He’s not bluffing. “I die before I’m back in jail.”

K is dead Ghost didn’t think it was possible. Tommy’s confused and wants to know who’s responsible. Ghost maintains he didn’t hate K, it was Tasha’s idea. He just wanted to frame Dre.

Rolla and Drifty are dead already, Tommy says he wonders if next is me? “K’s a tough motherf*****, may he rest in peace.”

Ghost realizes they’re the only two left so his goal is to “keep it close.” Tommy could careless. “You’re the one keeping secrets Ghost.”

Floored by his response, Now he learns Tommy and K had their own meetings. But Tommy is aware of Ghost and K’s meetings, still, he’s in a rush because Teresi is about to meet Keisha.

Ghost already warned him about Teresi, thinking he made it clear. So now Tommy can do what he wants but it’s a bad idea.