Scott Spina, a former business partner of Fat Joe’s, is taking the Bronx rapper to court claiming that he was ripped off.

Spina says he put up $150,000 out of his own pocket to invest into their New York City shoe store, UP NYC. Additionally, he said he also added another $300,000 from money that he acquired from loans and investors. He said the first day of business generated $175,000 but in about three weeks, Fat Joe started falling back from the company.

Page Six reports that the rapper was making hires with consulting him, “surreptitiously” opened a separate bank account with alleged purpose to divert the store’s proceeds and profits. In addition to his $150K investment, Spina tells TMZ that he wants “his fair share” of the store the former business partners initially started together.

Keep in mind that Spina was sentenced last month to three years in prison for credit card fraud that led to several lawsuits against the business. But that’s not stopping him from shooting his shot. It’s unclear when he will start his 35-month bid. But he’s probably trying to make sure his commissary is stocked up.