Less than an hour before her husband’s death, Nicole Suiter clowned with him about a video she took of the Baltimore police detective dancing. Sean Suiter was in an awesome inclination, his wife said. He was not really a man planning to take his own life.

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In her first open remarks since his death, Nicole Suiter said a recent report that suggests Sean took his own life is “outlandish.”

The investigator was shot with his own weapon November 15 of every an empty parking lot in West Baltimore, police said. Authorities at first said Sean Suiter was shot in a battle with a suspect, however, a recently released Independent report says that he killed himself.


Nicole Suiter, a mother of five, said the arrival of the report gave her the strength to stand up following nine months of silence.

“[I] will not go on allowing anybody to shame my husband’s name and ruin his legacy with these false allegations of suicide,” she told CNN affiliate WMAR. The detective was in “great spirits” on the day of his death, Nicole Suiter said.

“Based on the fact that no one knew my husband better than I, I will not accept the untimely death of Sean as nothing other than a murder, which is being covered up for reasons unknown to me or my family,” she said.ther than a murder, which is being concealed for no good reason to me or my family,” she said.

She intends to remain with protestors in Baltimore and look for justice for her better half.

“I can’t heal until I get the truth,” she said.