Christina Milian and her acclaimed French sweetheart, M. Pokora, may need to get ’round-the-time security at their cushion since it’s been broken into again for the second time in four days.

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Law enforcement sources tell TMZ the couple’s San Fernando Valley home was burglarized Tuesday night after evildoers advanced in at around 10 PM. The most recent break-in comes as cops keep on investigating the theft at the same house Friday evening.

We’re told the perpetrators entered the home Tuesday in comparative design as Friday’s robbery – by crushing a side entryway. The caution was activated when the entryway was broken, however, when security arrived the robbers vanished.


It’s unclear what the robbers got away with because Christina and her man are still out of the country.

It’s no coincidence that the break-in precisely the same as the initial one, however, cops aren’t prepared to state that it’s the same burglars responsible.

The thieves who hit the home last Friday snatched, at any rate, $100k worth of gems and watches, as per TMZ.

The theft is the most recent in a string of celeb break-ins including homes of Wiz Khalifa, Bella Thorne, and John Mayer.

Cops can’t declare of the celebrity homes are being targeted, but they do have valuable things in their homes, are always away, and have to let the world know where they are.

For Christina Milian’s situation, she’s posted pictures boo’d up with Matt in Puerto Rico just before thieves hit their home Friday, and she posted pics of herself in France just yesterday. So they knew that she was going to be gone a while.