Former Ohio State University Football coach Zach Smith has been firing off on Twitter following reports related to his ousting. In late July, Smith was ousted by the University after his now ex-wife Courtney Smith revealed his history with domestic violence. An internal investigation into the claims led to Zach Smith’s firing as well as a 3-game suspension for Head Coach Urban Meyer who Courtney claims knew about the violence against her. Meyer was initially placed on administrative leave following Courtney Smith’s claims.

On Wednesday, Smith tweeted that it is, “Time 4 u all 2 face the damage ur causing,” referring to the media who have been reporting on the accusations. Smith started his tirade by posting a photo of his children to express the level of pain these reports were causing them. The ex-coach made sure to mention sports reporters Brett McMurphy and Paul Finebaum.

“It is very hard to be silent when falsehoods & half-truths are said about you and there is no way to defend yourself,” Smith tweeted. “I’ve made mistakes in my life but being a domestic abuser is not one of them! I’ll answer every question in court and under oath when the time comes & cant WAIT!”


Smith has also denied all accusations against him saying in one tweet, “I never beat my wife.” Smith also claims that his mentor Urban Meyer was forced into his statement regarding domestic violence and said labeled the investigation a “joke”.

Smith’s twitter missiles were mostly pointed toward reporters covering the story in a Trump-like fashion. Regardless of his outrage, Smith’s return as an NCAA coach is less than likely regardless of his tweets.

You can read the rest of Zach Smith’s tweets below.