Joe Budden stopped by The Breakfast Club at Power 105.1 yesterday. While spending his morning with Yee, Charlamagne, and Envy he discussed a myriad of new business endeavors such as finding a new home on Revolt Network.

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Yet we are more curious about some of Budden’s unpaid debts. About a half hour into the interview, DJ Envy interjects into the conversation as Charlamagne Tha God pry’s for hints about Budden’s future co-host.

“I know you’re a man of your word, says Envy. Feeling pressure from both sides, Budden looks at Envy with a face of anticipation like he knows something is about to go down. “I’m feeling bombarded, he says.”


Envy eases his way into the topic of debt. Again he reiterates, “you’re my brother, I know you’re a man of your word.” Then we learn of we learn of a sizeable wager made between Envy, Charlamagne, and Joe.

It turns out Budden bet $1000 on himself to win in a lyrical battle against Hollow Da Don. In case you missed it, Budden and Hollow went head-to-head at Total Slaughter on July 12, 2014, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.

Although the two Breakfast Club co-host respect Joe as a brother, they had no faith he would stand tall against his opponent.

“We told you Hollow was gonna wash you,” said Charlamagne. “That’s true,” responded Budden. We all know C Tha God is never one to rescind his opinions and follows up Budden’s statement with “That he did.” Miss Yee also chimed in, “You got washed?”

Surprisingly, he owns up to the loss but Envy and Charlamagne still feel slighted because he was supposed to donate the cash to Change For Change charity. However, may have chosen to take care of home first because he was in the baby store buying diapers when he received the promotional call.

Yee ask if he will give them their money and Joe is adamant about transferring funds through Cash App. Suddenly Charlamagne asks,”Did you just do a f****** ad on the Breakfast Club for Cash App?

Joe says he didn’t but Charlamagne calls it bull****. Meanwhile, Yee stresses the importance of sending the funds to the right person. Keep in mind DJ Envy sent $5k to the wrong person.

Check out the battle below as well as the full Breakfast Club interview. The bet is addressed at the 31:40 mark.