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Eminem shook the night up with at midnight release of his new album, Kamikaze. Grown man bars (spat to a generation that lives for the here and now) is what the record delivers but on one song “The Ringer,” he lets everyone know who he is not feeling.

A little over 1 minute, he questions how anyone could possibly like Lil’ Yachty.

“Get this f**kin’ audio out my audio, adios

I can see why people like Lil Yachty, but not me though

Not even dissin’, it just ain’t for me

All I am simply is just an MC,”

Lil’ Boat leads the pack of new rappers that he comes at in this song. By the second minute, he says what so many people think: These rappers are birthed from the lyrical loins of Lil’ Wayne:


“Lil Pump, Lil Xan imitate Lil Wayne

I should aim at everybody in the game, pick a name

I’m fed up with being humble

And rumor is I’m hungry

I’m sure you heard rumblings

I heard you wanna rumble like an empty stomach

I heard your mumbling but it’s jumbled in mumbo-jumbo

The era that I’m from will pummel you

That’s what it’s comin’ to”

But “Ringer” is not the only track that tosses lyrical flames across emcee lines. The former battle rapper turned mega-star burned several artists throughout his 13-track album. It almost seems like no one was safe (Tell ’em why you mad, ‘Em).

Well, we know why Joe Budden was on the list. After many efforts and prodding from outlets all over, Joe gave a luke-warm critique on the Revival album. Even though he tip-toed (with much hesitation) through an analysis of the 2017 release, he was placed with a pocket of media platforms that seemed to drag Eminem’s body of work through the Slaughterhouse of negative press.

But no matter how Joe asserted that he wasn’t trying to diss, Em took it as a slight and blasted him too:

“Somebody tell Budden before I snap

He better fasten it

Or have his body bag get zipped

The closest thing he’s had to hits

Is smacking bitches”

While many see Tyler, The Creator as one of the most creative artists out right now, his “unusual aesthetic” doesn’t impress the Rap G-d, who he called a “b*tch” on the 9th joint “Fall”:

“Tyler create nothing, I why you called yourself a — bitch

It’s not just ’cause you lack attention

It’s because you worship D12’s balls, you’re sacrilegious

If you’re gonna critique me, you better at least be as good or better

Get Earl the Hooded Sweater, whatever his name is to help you put together

Some words, more than just two letters”

And while he is style wars with Tyler and the “Lil’s,” Machine Gun Kelly is catching it for something totally different! He fires shots at fellow white rapper Machine Gun Kelly for distastefully tweeting his daughter a few years ago:

“But next time you don’t gotta use Tech N9ne if you wanna come at me with a sub-machine gun

And I’m talking to you but you already know who the fuck you are, Kelly

I don’t use sublims and sure as fuck don’t sneak-diss

But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie”

It is true, Eminem is not like any of these emcees out here. His legacy has opened doors for many and literally built homes for others. With this record, Kamikaze, he probably blew a few people’s homes in the process.