It’s been exactly a year since Hurricane Harvey hit landfall in Houston, TX, and although there is no more flooding the city is unfortunately still being affected by such a historically destructive storm. Harvey caused about $125 billion in damage in which will require multiple years of clean-up and recovery and has kept many residents displaced from their homes in trailers, extended stay living facilities, or homeless overall.

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Nonetheless, Houston rapper, Slim Thug, is hoping to be able to help a Harvey victim by giving away a home. Thug explained that the root of the idea to give away the house came from his partners,, and the fact that Thug owns a construction company of his own.

In order to be considered, Houston residents must text ‘HOUSTON’ to 55000 and explain the details of how their home was lost in Hurricane Harvey in under 90 seconds. In addition to having a chance at winning a new home, nine other participants will have a chance at winning a $1000 gift card.


Slim explained that he just wants to help turn someone’s tragedy into a blessing. He stated:

“I always say whenever something bad happen to me, don’t trip, get excited because I know something good coming after that. So hopefully, whoever dealin’ with this situation, whoever lost their home. You know whoever family had to suffer from the hurricane… I hope this turn into a blessing. Hopefully we can come together and it inspires other people to come together to keep giving back to the community.”