In case you missed it Joe Budden owes money after losing to Hollow Da Don in a rap battle. While at The Breakfast Club, we also learn he has a new show State of the Culture on Revolt Network.

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Charlamagne attempted to find who Budden’s co-host would be. Budden shoots down the idea that his co-host could be Azealia Banks. However, when Remy Ma’s name is mentioned, he feels bombarded and doesn’t give a straightforward answer.

Curious about the subject, we did some digging and we may have found the exact reason Remy was potentially invited to co-host.


While making an appearance on Rate The Bars, Remy was brutal but honest in her rating of bars from Lil Wayne, French Montana Fabolous, Young Thug, Fat Joe and more. Regardless of her family ties to Joey Crack, she pauses for a moment to ask “Why are all of these trash?” Remy even gave Joe Budden a rate of zero for negatively referencing Whitney Houston. Lil Kim earned a 2 and Nicki Minaj earned a 3.9.

Sparing no one she even gave herself a 3.9 saying she could have done better. Five was the highest rate possible and Remy was quick to say, “no fives.”

Joe has never shied away from controversy and clearly, Remy doesn’t hold her tongue for anyone, friends and family included.

Therefore, Remy could serve as good counteractive co-host to Budden. Not to mention people will tune in to the show just to hear their opinions and get a good laugh.