What exactly makes an artist who practices the rap element of Hip-Hop culture as a profession, a Cannabis connoisseur?

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Automatically, this is a rapper whose bars are habitually in sync with references to marijuana or cover experiences with marijuana. Chiefly, the rapper develops an image that becomes a consonant with ganja, defining their appeal. As the legality of marijuana arises in the United States, the business portion of it has only managed to boom. When it comes to branding, Hip-Hop and rappers are the premiere and prime brand ambassadors of the smokey plant. There are lyricists whose musical content may not be bombarded with talks about munchies and roaches, but they have certainly displayed their involvement with cannabis culture, unapologetically. Below are 13 rappers who are unapologetic cannabis connoisseurs, in their own right.



You must be real about B-Real’s love for the green. Besides being the head lyricist of the legendary Cypress Hill, the “Hits from the Bong” rapper is also a tycoon in the business of marijuana merchandising starting with his Phunky Feel Tips venture. Stationed on YouTube, there is the B-Real TV empire, a channel immersed in cannabis culture and home to his hit web show The Smokebox. And just last month, B-Real opened up his own weed clinic, Dr. Greenthumb’s Dispensary in his home state of California.

Method Man and Redman

A Funk Doc and Johnny Blaze production are bound to serve any ganja consuming Hip-Hop head elevated satisfaction. Their ’95 hit “How High” solidified their stoner appeal all over the globe becoming the ultimate ganja culturalist anthem. The duo went on to make history starring in cult-classic stoner flick How High, solidifying their place on Mount Kushmore. Today, Method Man and Redman are investors of Blaze Now, an app designed to locate legal weed dispensaries in the United States.

Ghostface Killah

Ghostface Killah was relentless in responding to Martin Shkreli’s sickening price extortion of Daraprim, a life-saving pill taken by HIV-patients. The Wu-Tang legend released a vicious infomercial presenting his own brand of cannabis oil, Wu-Goo, with Killah Priest by his side, highlighting its key benefits and multi-use advantages as an alternative medication for a wide range of diseases. All while mocking the pharma biz con artist’s weak initial video threat attempt.

Coke La Rock

With Hip-Hop being a ’70s baby and stationed in New York City, the promising minds of the youth were subject to the influence of the “hippie weed” movement, but with a hustler’s approach. Herald as the first Hip-Hop Master of Ceremony, Coke La Rock was DJ Kool Herc’s right-hand house rockin’ man doing melodic shout outs while curving moments to make weed sales. He was inducted into the High Times Counterculture Hall of Fame in 2010 for his reputable ganja immersed lifestyle.

Busy Bee Starski

Chief Rocker Busy Bee Starski is a Hip-Hop pioneer who is certainly not ashamed of his relationship with cannabis. After earning recognition as being one of the most iconic house rockers and battle rappers during Hip-Hop’s infancy, he marbled himself as a cannabis enthusiast often advocating the legalization of marijuana. Back in 2010, Busy Bee was a judge at the 23rd High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.


Stemming from the likes of Wiz Khalifa is California rapper and renowned tycoon of the herb, Berner. Audibly known for unapologetically spitting about his love for the spliff, Berner was signed to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang in 2012. Not only were Berner’s rhymes resonant with the average cannabis lover, but he is currently one of the biggest names in the marijuana business industry with ownership of several dispensaries and products including Cookies SF, Hemp20 water, Collective Efforts, and H2C Cookies 707.

Freddie Gibbs

Without a doubt, Freddie Gibbs is a powerhouse of a mogul in this modern day weed industry. In 2015, the Indiana rapper, who was already part owner of California cannabis procurer brand Chroncierge, made the strategic decision to market his very own strain. Labeled, “Freddie Kane OG,” the strain is an indica dominant hybrid that trusses a potent and timely recondite high.

Kid Cudi

Talk about the mastery of half-baked bars and Kid Cudi is known to be prolific in the field. He is infamous for his lyrical cites where he takes listeners to far out spacey destinations. Cudi’s debut mixtape A Kid Named Cudi spanned hit single “Day ‘n’ Night” a complete satisfying tune out for lonely stoners. Featured on his 2010 sophomore album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, vaguely titled “Marijuana,” Cudi details his dependency on reefer in light of his forlorn stance.


Cam’ron’s love for Purple Haze was apparently imposed to surpass his classic audible streams. In 2016, Cam’ron revealed to High Times that he is developing his own weed strain with California weed brand Chroncierge. According to the Dipset rapper, the anticipated cannabis strain could be the color purple or even pink and possibly come in grape soda flavor. The coming of the highly anticipated strain is still in development.

Jim Jones

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Flying real high on the move in the business of marijuana is The Diplomats own Jim Jones. Considering himself a lifetime supporter of the reefer, the Harlem rapper has officially launched his own weed brand with the L.A. based Saucey Extracts called Cannabism by Capo. The brand offers a wide range of top strains in the likes of Sour Diesel and True OG along with premium pre-rolls and vape pens. Jones recently revealed to Black Enterprise that he is currently developing his very own cannabis strain.


A west coast Hip-Hop legend who is dominating the ganja realm and is unapologetic towards the lead as a sure connoisseur is Kurupt. Along with artist Dr. Zodiak, the “Let’s Get High” rapper released what many consider to be cannabis caviar, Moon Rocks. The product is a nug of weed dipped in hash oil sprinkled with a layer of kief and promises smokers a 50% THC consumption, solidifying the product’s premier identity.

Wiz Khalifa

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Ultimately the ideal modern day weed rapper, Wiz Khalifa successfully revolved into a marijuana industry extraordinaire. The Rolling Papers artist made noise two years ago with the release of his very own strain of premiere quality marijuana called Khalifa Kush. The strain’s success leads to the craze of mobile app Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm where it serves as a mere reflection of Khalifa’s stoner lifestyle.

Snoop Dogg


In Hip-Hop, this legend is the supreme reach of marijuana ambassadorship, the one and only Snoop Doggy Dogg.  As the head of Mount Kushmore, which features fellow brothers in classic rhyme B-Real, Method Man, and Redman, it was only right for the “Tha Shiznit” wordsmith to delve into the business. In 2015, Snoop launched his very own branded cannabis company called Leafs by Snoop. According to High Times, the marijuana mogul has raised over $40 million in investments.

The very mention of the name of most of these rappers is synonymous with the word cannabis. The success of Hip-Hop cannabis ventures reverts back to its infancy when house rockers were also hustlers, into the ’90s when Mount Kushmore championed the lifestyle, and even up to Kid Cudi’s refining stoner rap moment.

As of 2018, there are several rap artists who are also heavily invested in the cannabis industry as the legalization of marijuana steers in a progressive direction. Bouncing into the war on drugs, an epidemic stapled in the communities of Hip-Hop culture, rappers are bound to seek the opportunity to combat the struggle, with game. Hip-Hop’s influence on the evolution of the weed business is pretty distinct and worthy of praise.

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