In case you missed the war of words which unfolded on Twitter last night, Murda Mook and Tay Roc have animosity brewing between them.

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As two of Dot Mob’s most potent members, they collectively carried the flag which positioned the mob as one battle rap’s top tier factions.

Both men have worked tirelessly to push battle rap culture to new heights. Despite a highly debated battle against Aye Verb, Mook remains fixed on the Mt. Rushmore of battle. Although Tay Roc has suffered a string of losses, he remains the top dog at URL.


Murda Mook recently appeared on 15 Minutes of Fame Radio’s Inside The Bars, hosted by Nikki Knowledge. During his appearance, they discussed a myriad of topics that battle rap fans would appreciate hearing Mook divulge. Topics such as people’s opinions and the fan polls related to his recent battle with Verb.

In contrast, about 12 minutes into the conversation Mook feels people don’t appreciate different things and subsequently offers to “break the science down.” Specifically at the 12:41 mark he mentions Roc and Ms. Knowledge is quick salute Roc for his intense passion. Still, she can admit to being a mutual fan of Roc, Mook and Loaded Lux included.

However, as Mook breaks down the science he makes a tangent of Tay Roc that we simply can not agree with and to be quite honest, it was disrespectful. Hence, the war of words ensued a few hours after the interview was released.

“When you come from…and this don’t come from battling on stage. This come from being in environments where you have to battle, but then you have to WIN people over. So you have to know how to adjust quickly, he stated.

“With Roc its like…Roc is understanding now, it’s like “oh damn I been rapping this one way, and he got away with it for a long time. You understand? Like a long time, he continued.

The line between constructive criticism and slick shots seems blurred based on his emphasis on “a long time.”

In addition, he also targeted Roc’s positioning of himself as the “gun bar king.” Ultimately conveying that Roc is one-dimensional. He added fans know what to expect.

We counteract his point by asking, is this not the way to establish a signature style and build yourself into a household name? Even though Geechi Gotti scored an impressive SM7 upset by beating Shotgun Suge to his signature, “What his life like?” punchline, that doesn’t mean we don’ t look forward to hearing it from Suge.

Speaking on the subject of repetition, four years later, fans were still eager to see Mook lace-up his du-rag before doing battle. Roc issued a firestorm of reactional tweets following the interview. We have elected to highlight the tweets which best explains why Mook is wrong.

A fan asked a question and requested Roc elaborate, Roc addressed the situation with the best possible answer.

While it isn’t inherently wrong to critique your brother, embarrassing your brother is disloyal and disrespectful. Especially when they stood tall on your behalf.