A New Jersey couple has been ordered to hand over the cash raised from a GoFundMe account to help out a homeless man from a heart-warming video that went viral last year.

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Johnny Bobbitt became a video sensation after he gave his last $20 to help Katie McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, get gas while they were stranded in a Philadelphia gas station. Following Bobbitt’s very generous donation the couple launched a GoFundMe account to thank Bobbitt of his good Samaritan gesture which accumulated $400,000 from more than 14,000 donors.

According to ABC Reports, Bobbitt filed a lawsuit claiming the couple spent much of the $400,000 they raised through GoFundMe on themselves.


The couple denies this claim stating that instead, the couple has been withholding the money to manage it because they were worried he would spend the donations on drugs. “We saw the pattern that was developing … that he was going to do something foolish and end up right back where he was,” D’Amico says.

But in an interview with WPVI in Philly, Bobbitt has stated that the couple has used the money for gambling, shopping sprees, and money on trips. He also states he has no money and is still homeless.

The judge has given the couple until Friday to give Bobbitt the remaining amount of the money that will be managed by Bobbitt’s attorney until a legal guardian can be appointed to oversee it by the court.