Recently Lil Pump has had his share of legal issues. The “Gucci Gang” rapper states he will be going to jail in an Instagram video he shared today (Sept 3).

Lil Pump shared with his fans that he had violated his probation and will have to set behind bars for a few months. The time that he will be serving is said to be linked to his recent arrest in Miami, which violates his probation that he is serving in Los Angeles.

“Y’all seen what happened in Miami, I got arrested. I’m on probation in LA,” Pump shared. “I violated my PO so I’ve got to go in and do a couple months. I’ve got some crazy ass shit dropping while in here.”

The rapper states that his social media will be taken over by his management while he is locked up and kickstarts the #FreeLilPump hashtag.

In case you missed it, Lil Pump was arrested in Miami after he was pulled over in a Rolls Royce. The car had license plates that were registered to a different model of vehicle, which led to the traffic stop. Once stopped, officers realized Lil Pump does not have a driver’s license.