The Rock seems to be closing in on a possible return to the WWE. According to the wrestling podcast, Barnburner’s Fired Up, the mega movie and TV star is “very very close” to signing a deal which would see him return to the wrestling ring on October 16th.  That date also happens to be the 1000th episode of WWE Smackdown Live, a show many believed was named after the Rock’s infamous catchphrase.

The Rock, now more famously known as Dwayne Johnson, has ascended to fame well beyond the squared circle. He is arguably the top action star in all of Hollywood and has appeared in a slew of movies.

Johnson is literally the busiest actor on the planet and fitting him into an event won’t be an easy task. He’s currently filming the Disney theme park movie Jungle Cruise with Emily Blunt, Edgar Ramirez, and Paul Giamatti. His upcoming schedule of movies to film also jam-packed until at least 2020.


The Rock was unable to appear on the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw as he was busy filming and he is currently filming Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

While fans were disappointed he couldn’t take part in the big event for ‘Raw’ in January, having him show up for the 1,000th episode of SmackDown will more than make up for it.