Just last week we reported that Young Dolph turned down a $22 million deal choosing to remain independent. But, oh what a difference a week makes!

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Young Dolph has since signed a multi-million dollar partnership deal with Empire that supposedly has the potential to grow to 8 figures over the course of the deal’s lifetime. As far as why he felt the Empire partnership was a good idea, Dolph explained:

“The deals I was being offered, I can’t lie, they were good. Not only is this still a multi-million dollar deal, but I can keep my masters and get a bigger percentage,” he said. “This is a big deal because it’s linking the biggest independent artist and label with the biggest distribution company.”

Dolph’s new Empire partnership is in perfect timing with his announcement of the release of his fourth solo album, Role Model, set to drop on September 21st. In regards to his album title, Dolph stated:


“The Memphis rapper elaborated on his album title saying, “A role model is someone you can look to for guidance in certain areas. I’m a role model for this independent shit and I want all these young black kids to be inspired to get a hustle where they can own their own shit and create something with their own minds and creativity and become even better at it than their role model.”

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