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Many Chicagoans were thrilled today to hear their mayor Rahm Emanuel would not seek re-election. One of those was Chance the Rapper, who congratulated and championed the efforts of local community support groups and called for key qualities in what is needed for a future candidate.

“As much as I love this job and will always love this city and its residents, I’ve decided not to seek re-election,” Mayor Emanuel said. He would also cite three children in their college years as reasons to not continue his job.

Mayor Emanuel’s big news comes just twenty-four hours before the murder trial of police officer Jason Van Dyke gets underway. Van Dyke’s trial is stated to have “had no bearing” on Rahm’s decision to step aside. Jason Van Dyke is the officer involved in the controversial killing of unarmed LaQuan McDonald.

Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa and more city advocates have been vocal about the poor job that Emanuel has done and now look to a better Chicago with its forthcoming leader.


The Chicago Tribune reports before Emanuel wraps up his term in April he wants to finish bike and running paths in the city, finish a contract for a high-speed train, enhance programming at Chicago Public Schools and more.