Despite what appeared to be a seemingly incriminating interview with TMZ about a week ago, Demi Lovato’s drug dealer will not undergo police investigation.

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Brandon Johnson told the tabloid in a four-minute interview about the evening of Demi’s overdose and the medications he gave her, saying the artist “100 percent she knew what she was taking.”

Toward the end of July, Demi overdosed on Oxycodone bound with fentanyl. “I disclosed to her that these are not pharmaceutical, they’re after-market pills, they’re much stronger,” Johnson said in the video. “It was unfortunate what happened…I’m not here to hurt anybody, I care for her very much.”


Johnson has already been arrested for gun and cocaine possession and driving impaired, however, Lovato’s overdose and his following TMZ interview won’t get him any new charges, in light of the fact that overdoses are viewed as a self-initiated “medicinal emergency” not a criminal act, as per TMZ.

He argued for his innocence, which the LAPD has enforced, in spite of his critical role in an incident that could’ve left her dead. He claims the singer’s overdose helped“open his eyes to the dangers of these drugs.” “They’re fun, but in the wrong hands…they can be harmful. I hate to hurt anybody,” he said. “I’m not trying to hurt my friend…I hope she comes through this better than she was.”

Demi Lovato is currently in rehab and is also selling the house where the OD took place.