Back in 1997, Prada put a sportswear spin on the brand’s renowned high fashion steez with the debut of its Linea Rossa collection. The line of apparel went a bit obsolete in the mid 2000s, but now its back and in perfect timing to gel into the current “athleisure” trend going on right now.

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The relaunched Linea Rossa, commonly referred to as “Prada Sport” by those haute couture fiends who remember the original line, is mainly comprised of super vibrant outwear, headwear and especially eyewear. Neon green and hot pink hues stand out the most, but it’s really the iconic red stripe that has Prada fanboys going apeshit to get their hands on the latest set. The campaign is brought together through a digital series spearheaded by Michael Rock/2×4 New York and directed by Arisu Kashiwagi, which adds an interesting and creative aspect to the rollout in general. With all the relaunches and reiterations of basically everything from the ’90s going on right now, it’s nice to see a reboot that we actually can get behind.

You’ll be able to shop the new Prada Linea Rossa collection starting this month at the brand’s boutiques, department stores and online. Get a look at the vibrant lookbook below: