Remember earlier this summer when we told you guys that Burberry was burning millions of dollars worth of unsold product as a way to stop bootlegs and the “devaluing” of the brand that could come from selling at discount stores? Well, they must’ve understood how completely crazy that sounded and decided to do something better with the apparel.

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Here’s how CNBC is reporting how the brand will be handling things moving forward as an alternative to, well, incinerating completely good high fashion gear:

“The fashion brand will continue to work with companies such as Elvis & Kresse, a business that uses leather offcuts from Burberry products to create bags, belts and other accessories. It is also part of the Make Fashion Circular initiative that aims to make new clothes from renewable material and recycle old clothing.


The company also said it will no longer use real fur in its products. It currently sells products with fur trims, such as a wool trench coat with a fox fur collar listed at $2,195 on its U.S. site.”

Like we stated in the initial article on this story, there are so many people in the fashion world doing amazing stuff on the upcycle wave — get on it, Burb! Leave those foxes alone, too; they cool people, and nobody wants PETA on their bad side anyway.

Read the full report over on CNBC, but check out this presentation below via Vogue from one of Burberry’s most stellar shows to date: