In an interview with Hot 97, entertainer Lil Rel Howery came through to promote his forthcoming series on FOX, Rel, airing on Sept. 9. Amid their discussion, Peter Rosenberg couldn’t help but ask questions about the comedian’s breakout role in Get Out.

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“What Get Out did was make things a little easier, and Jordan said it would,” Rel said. “I remember after the first cut he did he called me and was like ‘alright man, know your prices. You know what I mean, whatever you want you tell them a number.’”

Rel claims that he initially knew the blockbuster was going to be a success, but the alternative ending had a different effect. “It was sadder. The first time I saw it, I couldn’t even sleep. I was so angry,” he explained.


In the film, after Chris, played by Daniel Kaluuya, figures out how to get away from his insidious sweetheart and her family, his closest companion Rod, played by Rel, lifts him up and takes him to safety. But the original almost Oscar-winning flick was more realistic. “It’s just the police coming to lock him up, and then I try to get him to tell me what happened, and my character, he’s like ‘whatever man, you know what it is,’” he said. “And that’s why I couldn’t sleep.”

Rel wasn’t the only one moved by the alternative ending.“When we shot it it was quiet on set. After we shot the jail scene, I remember the first few takes were really emotional,” he explained. “Everybody had to take a walk…I’m serious like literally had to take walks, cause it was sad. It’s such a reality.”

Lil Rel Howery likewise went on The Tonight Show Tuesday night to discuss his new show and clarified how his lead female character is inspired by Tiffany Haddish, who starred in The Carmichael Show with him.