Chicago rap has been on a fast-paced rise over the past few years in the game, and one of the main MCs from the area that people are checking for is Lud Foe.

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After giving us fire tracks with Lil Durk and his breakout No Hooks mixtape from 2016, Foe is back to drop his latest BOOCHIE GANG mixtape via YSN Records General. We got a chance to chop it up with the Chi-Town rapper about the 15-track project — boasting features from G Herbo, Mozzy, SG Batman and a standout alongside Juicy J — and he broke down a few of his favorite cuts and the simple stories behind the production.

For Lud Foe, it really just comes down to making music and putting his most in every track. The anticipation is pretty high too, as he told us, “I’ve been working on this tape for so long that it’s about time that I give it to [the fans]. It’s just time.”


See how BOOCHIE GANG finally got the time to come together by reading our Source Exclusive with Lud Foe below:


“I don’t really have reasons why I do [certain songs]; they just come to me. This was one of the first we did for the tape.”
— Lud Foe


“[This was dedicated to] relatives and friends that were gangsters and died in the streets. We don’t live that long given the lifestyle, so I felt the need to rap about it. I’m just breaking it down and giving y’all the definition of what a gangster is on this song.”
— Lud Foe


“We recorded this in Chicago. Like every song, we go make the meat, he freestyles what’s in his head, and it’s always gonna be a street/Chicago feel. We feel like we have our own sound. The everyday experience of [life in Chicago] inspires what we rap about.”
— Kid Wond3r, eexecutive producer


“I just make music to express myself. When I go in the studio, I use that as an opportunity to let it all out. Certain people have ways and outlets they use to express stuff, and music is mine. This all comes natural for us.”
— Lud Foe


“Songs like this get Kid Wond3r moving [Laughs]. He zoned us out; closed his eyes and everything! [I make music] to get those type of reactions.”
— Lud Foe

Stream Lud Foe’s full BOOCHIE GANG mixtape by clicking here, but check out the highlight track “Priceless” below to get you started: