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The 2018 SOURCE360 weekend has come to an end. We had a myriad of memorable moments which will make the fifth annual conference and festival one for the ages.

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Likewise, on day two we took over BRIC in Brooklyn, where fashion and beauty enthusiast came from far and near to join our conversation on an assortment of industry related topics.

A conversation featuring model, Jessica White, stylist/life coach Misa Hylton, Tasha Turner of Beauty Beat NYC, photographer, Marc Baptiste, and beautypreneur/actress, African Miranda.


Each panelist and host Tasha Turner shared their personal stories as well as intimate advice on navigating challenges along the way. However, Africa Miranda’s unique perspective resonated with us.

“Passion + Purpose = Profit is my life equation, its how I’m able to make quick decisions. In this business, you don’t always have a lot of time. The first thing when I’m presented with an opportunity, I ask myself if I’m passionate about it. Or do I feel something in my gut? Does it make my hair stand on it? Does it make me excited? So I have to be passsionate about it. Then, If i’m passionate about it, I ask myself is it inline with my purpose? My purpose in this life is to help people create opportunities to tell their stories. I’m passionate about storytelling. I think we all need to learn our voice and say things in our own voice. Back to the equation: Am I Passionate about it? (Yes), Is it inline with my purpose? (Yes), If those two things are yesses, then it’s profitable. Profitable meaning, is it going to help someone? Does it help me (financially)? Can it help move forward in my career? Or it may help me grow as a person. But it will be something that creates growth. This is my life equation.”

Intricately spoken, this beautiful equation is simple enough for any creative to be able to master. The value of passion and purpose should never be underestimated. Whatever your passion may be, find a way to give it purpose. When you have a passion coupled with purpose, profit will follow.

Yet we want to reiterate Miranda’s point of profit meaning helping others and pushing careers forward. Financial profit is needed as well but it should never be the only goal.

Hip Hop producer and fashion icon Pharell Willams is a prime example of the equation in practice. Starting out with a passion for music, skateboarding, and style he went on to establish his own lane. Thus seguing into his Billionaire Boys Club/ Ice Cream Brand. Most notably is their slogan “Wealth is of the heart and mind, not of the pocket.”

All things considered, find your passion, structure a purpose and the profits will leave you fulfilled no matter the financial gain.