The oldest pillar in Hip Hop culture made a guest appearance at this year’s SOURCE360 Block Party as graffiti artists NEKU Secta7 and MOE ZV put on a live art exhibition on Rockwell Place across from the BRIC Arts/Media Center in downtown Brooklyn.

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Both Queens-born and raised, NEKU and MOE are seasoned “writers” who have elevated their graff game into prosperous and notable art careers.

NEKU, the founder of the Secta7 Collective, has expanded her company around the globe, incorporating graffiti, cartooning, abstract canvasses and other mixed media art mediums. Several graff writers have attached themselves to NEKU’s coalition, including NYC’s ELCrew and the world famous graff collective CP5.


Jamaica, Queens native MOE ZV, who painted the abstract “BROOKLYN” piece on the left in the above picture, is a seasoned writer whose been in the game for over two decades. MOE’s signature face can still be found in unsolicited spots around NYC, has an illustrious art history, painting alongsie the likes of Mike Perry and Alexandra Bell.