As a pillar in Hip-Hop culture, The Source is always watching emerging artists beyond our New York home base. With this in mind, we invited a budding trio from Baltimore to grace our 2018 SOURCE360 Block Party stage that went down this past Saturday.

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Collectively known as LOWFi, B-more residents Jayy Grams and Von Wilda, plus member Hayelo hailing from Florida, all made it out to Rockwell Place and Fulton Street in Brooklyn to help us hype the crowd with a vibrant performance. Midway through their set, they may have even broadened their fanbase a bit as they had kids in Brooklyn signaling their “Ls” in support of the LOWFi movement.


It’s a fast-growing movement indeed, which is why we chose to highlight their potential with a spot on the stage. Similarly, they acknowledged our foundational position in Hip-Hop culture. Impressed with their limitless energy, we sat down for a conversation about The Source and their entire SOURCE360 experience.

What was it like being on the SOURCE360 Block Party stage?
Von Wilda: It was mad dope! The energy from the kids was incredible.
Hayelo: The kids were hype, throwing up Ls — it was cool.
Jayy Grams: It wasn’t our first show in New York, but it was one of our favorite shows.

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Infatuated by the finer things ?

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? Applying Pressure From All Angles

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Always appreciated when newcomers find value from being invited into our environment. With this in mind, do you guys have a particular favorite moment from The Source in Hip-Hop history?
Hayelo: For me, it has to be the covers — so many classic covers to choose from! That’s was every rapper’s dream at one point. You wasn’t lit if you wasn’t on a The Source Magazine cover.
Von Wilda: Hands down, the 1995 Source Awards. Still, to this day, it’s one of the biggest moments in Hip-Hop.
Jayy Grams: The Source Magazine in general.

Can you be a little more specific Jayy?
Jayy Grams: Before there was an XXL, Complex and all the rest, there was The Source. No disrespect to the others, but it just shows you The Source‘s value. That’s why SOURCE360 is one of our favorite shows.

We appreciate the salute, guys! You three look young, but clearly ,you’re all in tune with the history. Considering LOWFi is now adding to our rich history, and you all have had time to reflect, what pointers will you guys take away from this show in case you’re invited back in 2019?
LOWFi: Come back with cleaner music [Laughs]. The kids rocked with us the whole show, but we know to be mindful for next time.

Certainly, you want to tailor your music to the audience. What’s next for LOWFI?
LOWFi: Our next project, The Allegory is on the way. Look out for that late October.

Still need to get into the LOWFi movement? Listen to the group’s latest, “Pick of Destiny” below: