After getting through a controversial bandmate exit at the beginning of summer, popular music collective BROCKHAMPTON is back with a new album on the horizons and a series of album merch drops to hold fans over for their undying support throughout the trails and tribulations.

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Released in promotion of the band’s upcoming fourth album Iridescence, the three-piece set is small in its offerings but appears to be the first in what will probably be weekly releases. For “Merch Drop 01,” a yellow “spectrum” tee, a blue hoodie featuring a thermography-style portrait of member Jabari Manwa, and a classic black tee donning the album’s title lined in green are all that’s up for grabs. Well, for now anyway. As with album merch we’ve seen in the past for other artists, each piece also comes with a digital download of the album which will be delivered on the release date later this month.

The affordable first drop from the Iridescence album merch by BROCKHAMPTON is available right now online.