Amongst all the love, hilarious memes, and unfortunately hate that Colin Kaepernick has been receiving since his new Nike campaign went viral,  there’s at least one thing we’re happy to report:  Jim Carrey is supporting our guy Kaep.

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The comedic extraordinaire made an appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher recently, and the always animated Carey proudly flaunted his new Nike sneakers in support of the sports lifestyle brand’s new campaign starring Kaepernick. As soon as the In Living Color alum sat down, he comfortably placed his feet on Maher’s desk and the camera zoomed into his sneakers.

“Check this out. I bought me some freedom-friendly Nikes,” said the 56-year-old actor. “Salute to Colin Kaepernick, to Nike. Congratulations on your fantastic choice.” The crowd went into an extremely pleasant cheer to see Carey’s support for the campaign.


Although Carey often leads with humor, he addressed the current state of our country and how it’s going to affect our future leaders. He emphasizes that we lead with unity and love, rather than hate.

“There are generations growing up right now that are learning to lie — that lying is OK,” he said. “I can break bread with anybody who voted for Trump, we could find some common ground to love each other. Just stop doing stupid s**t.” It is always refreshing to see a nonpolitical figure take a stand on issues that currently plague our country. Carey recognizes the division of our country. It can only be rebutted with love and more brand messaging from influential organizations such as Nike.

Watch the full interview below.