If there is anyone who knows what the stereotyped rapper goes through, it would be Jim Jones. Yesterday, the Harlem emcee served as a panelist at SOURCE360: Cannabis, Real Business: Learn About The Cannabis Industry, providing a balanced dialogue.

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Easily debunking the common rappers and weed stereotype, which often paints Hip-Hop artists as users and abusers of the herb, Jim Jones made it known that regardless of anything, weed is certainly a drug.

“Marijuana is a drug at the end of the day. It might not be the most destructive drug. I think statistically alcohol is the worst addictive drug that you can get involved with but let’s not forget the marijuana is a drug and anything you do too much of becomes an addiction and no addiction is good.”


In the words of The Source’s own Londell McMillian, “Let the record reflect, it was the rapper that said that!”

The moderator of the panel, Gia Morón who is the Executive Vice President of Women Grow believes there two levels of marijuana dependency, addictive personalities vs actual addiction.

“I think there is addictive personalities vs addiction,” said Gia. “We buy drugs at Duane Reade, the drug store. So everything is a drug. The difference is how you use it.”

Panelist Kassandra Freqerique, New York State Director at the Drug Policy Alliance brought on her insightful perspective on the controversial dynamic, by enlisting various personalities as a factor.

“Drug use is on a spectrum. There are people that experiment, there are people that use, and there are people who have problematic relationships with drugs.”

Dasheeda Dawson avowed The Weed Head and CEO of MJM Strategy, dropped a fun fact on marijuana’s effect on the human brain which ties with our actual ability to produce cannabinoids.

“We have the Endocannabinoid System. We actually make a molecule that matches the THC in CBD.”

Leo Bridgewater, Co-founder of the NJ Cannabis Commission noted the bridging gap between the Cannabis Industry and influencers which are mounted in the idea of diversity by the appeal of the state Department of Health.

“The State Department of Health put some language in the requirements for these licenses. And that language was about diversity, minority inclusion, and how you educate the community. Not just ‘what are you going to do,’ but ‘what have you been doing,’ said Bridgewater.

For those who wish to indulge in the commerce of hemp in New York State, you just may be in safe grounds depending on the amount you use.

According to Criminal Justice attorney Joseph Bondy, the Drug Enforcement Administration declared in a statement that they will not target those who have made contact with hemp.

“The DEA issued or released, May 28th it became that they are not gonna go after people who have worked with that kind of a substance,” said Bondy.

Jim Jones has officially launched his own weed brand with the L.A. based Saucey Extracts called Cannabism by Capo. The brand offers a wide range of top strains in the likes of Sour Diesel and True OG along with premium pre-rolls and vape pens.

Overall, the Cannabis Industry is cyclopean rotating erudition of human society all over the globe. Advocacy will play, and has played an essential role in the social balance between the Cannabis Industry and favored advocates. Without a doubt, the advocacy of the Hip-Hop rapper should not be underestimated.